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Gary has a nightmare about Jon.

Eddie listens to Jon's last voicemail.

The guys play basketball. Gary gets upset and thinks that he hasn't changed in the year since Jon died. He storms off

. Eddie shares that he had a dream about Jon. Eddie was drunk on a boat and Jon fell over. He tried to grab him but Jon sank. A hand came up with real nail polish. Gary told him he was probably feeling guilty about Sophie.

Katherine's job search is rough. She talks to Regina about the racial microaggressions she dealt with at the interview.

Delilah is having a hard day. Miles is reaching out to her even though it was supposed to be a one night stand..maggie encouraged her to be happy and have fun and stop feeling she doesn't deserve good things.

Walter reads the script. He's mad at Rome for not telling him about his suicide attempt. They fight and Walter refuses to go to therapy.

Sophie takes Eddie to Jon's grave. They make up.

Gary apologizes to Maggie for his part in their relationship issues.

The friends have dinner and remember Jon. Theo and Rome and give nice speeches.

Delilah, Gina, and Eddie give Katherine the space above someday to open her own firm.

Katherine wants to renew her vows with Eddie.

Eddie has a flashback of the lake and someone named Alex. He calls his sister to ask about Alex's death.

Gina encourages walter to make amends with Rome. They decorate the nursery with stars.

Gary calls Darcy and meets her for drinks. He says she's his fresh start.

Jon comes to Delilah in a dream and gives her solace.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Theo: I'd like to make a toast. The Egyptians believed that you die twice. Once when you take your final breath, and then again the last time someone says your name. They believe your spirit lives on as long as people kept remembering you. So as long as we all keep remembering uncle Jon, he'll never really be gone. Was that okay?
Delilah: That is more than okay, Theo.

Even though he's gone, Jon is still bringing us together.