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Katherine drives sophie home. She tries to reassure her. Sophie accuses Delilah of killing john and danny overhears.

A three month time jump happens.

Eddie and Katherine are taking care of charlie and call Delilah to confirm it's okay to give her medicine. Delilah tells eddie he's allowed to make those decisions too. Charlie is teething.

Delilah is waiting up for Sophie who is an hour late past curfew. Sophie is acting out.

Gary gets checked for and STD and the doctor tells him he's in the clear.

Eddie's sister Lindsay leaves baby toys for the baby. Lindsay is always traveling and hasn't even met theo yet so they must be estranged after ten years.

It's Danny's opening night for his play. Sophie won't come opening night because of Delilah and Gary and Maggie are coming apart.

Eddie's sister was his worst enabler and drinking buddy. He sent her the birth announcement ages ago, and that's how she knew about Charlie. Katherine doesnt want her back in their lives to protect eddie.

Maggie is hanging out with Eric. They're talking about dating online and the barista wonders why they won't just date.

Rome gets on Gary's case about his anger.

Katherine offers to babysit charlie when the sitter cancels. She apologises to Delilah because she didn't expect Sophie to act like that.

Rome and Regina go through house checks and more for their adoption process. Rome freaks out when he hears about his medical history being providee.

Rome talks to his therapist. He feels like Regina feels the same in stigmatizing mental illness.

Katherine and Eddie talk to Theo about aunt lindsay. Eddie explains what alcoholism is and tells Theo that he is one but not drinking is what makes him better. Theo tells him he's proud of him.

Regina talks to Sophie. Sophie doesnt want to see Eddie or eddie with Delilah.

Danny catches Gary making out with his teacher.

Danny is upset that his first kiss will be with someone who doesnt care about and he is upset about his parents.

Sophie shows up anyway and things are awkward between Gary and Maggie.

Danny tells Elliott how he feels and how he hoped his first kiss would be with him not onstage with someone he doesnt care about and Elliot kisses him.

During intermission Maggie tries to talk to Gary. It goes well are first but when she expresses her worry about him, he gets defensive..

Delilah tries to talk to Sophie again and tells her that she cannot be blamed for what John did. Sophie can't stand looking at her and Eddie.

Sophie goes to stay with Rome and Regina.

Eddie wants to reach out to his sister. Katherine isn't sure if it's a good idea. Theo is worried that Eddie's alcoholism is going to return. He and Katherine reasure Theo.

Gary sees Maggie on the dating app. He's walking and is almost rundown by a car. He yells at the driver, and he's ready to fight when the driver pulls out a gun.

Maggie and Eric come back from a jog. They talk about dating and Eric says he hasn't dated since chloe. Maggie starts talking about her scar and how that's half the reason she doesnt want to date and mentions she understands if Eric is embarrased about his.

She kisses him and then when he pulls away she's embarrassed and leaves.

Eric takes off his shirt and he doesnt have a scar.

A Million Little Things
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