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  • Maggie has a blind date. She shows up at Someday to meet the guy from an app. 
  • Gary is ther eand it makes it awkward. 
  • The guy never shows, so Gary sends her wine pretending to be him. 
  • Gina asks why he won't tell Maggie how he feels and he says she set the works for it, but then she tells Gina that she wishes Gary sent the wine. 
  • Rome has a meeting with Isaac. He comes to the restuarant but he had to cancel plans with his dad. 
  • Walter shows up at the restaurant and talks with Isaac. 
  • Rome and Walter get into it, and Rome tells him to go home. 
  • Rome later realizes that his father is sad and lonely. He leaves his meeting to find his father. 
  • Isaac understands and after a talk with Maggie, Walter decides to go to therapy. 
  • Delilah wants to talk to Sophie about the drugs, but Sophie brings up sex. 
  • She has to talk to her about it too, and she's trying to keep Sophie and Jake away from each other. 
  • When Jake goes home sick and Sophie disappers, Delilah tracks her down at Jakes house. He really is sick so they take him to the hospital. 
  • Sophie asks if Delilah really loved Eddie. They bond. 
  • Eddie has to mentor Dakota, but she can't take criticism from the label and he has to save her from being dropped. He sees himself in her. 
  • Eve meets Walter. 
  • Derek shows up at the restaurant after seeing Eve in the pictures fans of Isaac posted. Eve goes with him becaue she needs him to sign away his rights so Rome and gina can have the baby. 
A Million Little Things
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