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PJ goes to Delilah. She gives him Jon's old watch. She called Rome and he takes him home. PJ confronts Mitch about what he knows. Mitch thought Dave was PJ's father too.

PJ goes to Rome's house.

Barbara tells Mitch that the sweater belonged to Dave and that Jon kept it but didn't wear it. Dave is PJ's father.

Eddie and Katherine consult with a lawyer about Charlie. Eddie tells Gary to talk to Delilah before they make any moves. Gary calls everyone to Someday and goed off on them for ripping apart their family and tells them he lost his job dealing with everyone's issues.

Delilah is pissed at Regina for taking Katherine's side.

Maggie finds an engagement ring and freaks out. When Gary explains it was before when she was sick, Maggie was relieved.

PJ spirals and tries to jump off the roof. Rome alerts everyone what's happening via his phone. By then Mitch and Barbara are at his house. Delilah too and Maggie too. They rush to the roof but Maggie won't let them out or they would startle PJ. Delilah sees how anguished his parents are.

Rome talks him down. They make arrangements for PJ to get help.

Gary is upset. He breaks up with Maggie and tells her to leave. She heads to her old apartment and Eric helps her. He gets a phone call and tells the person he hasn't told Maggie something yet.

Delilah tells the kids the truth. Sophie goes to Eddie's house and destroys all of Joe guitars.

Regina tells Rome she wants to adopt.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

PJ: Why do you think he never tried to reach out to me?
Delilah: I don't think he knew, PJ. There's a lot about Jon, I didn't know, but he was a good dad, and he would've wanted to know his son.

Delilah: Patrick.
PJ: I had nowhere else to go.