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Katherine hears the accident and people on the phone. She screams into it trying to get attention and a guy answers while someone else works on Eddie. They tell her he's been run down. The driver calls to report the accident pretending to be a bystander but keeps going.

Katherine calls Gary while he's with Darcy. They go to the hospital.  

   Gina is still upset about the baby and doesn't want to talk to Rome but he tells her about Eddie and they go to the hospital.  

   Katherine drops Theo off at Delilah and they go to the hospital. 

Katherine tells them about Eddie going to find out about Alex and the lake house. She kicked Lindsay out.

They update Katherine and tell her that there is a lot of internal bleeding and they don't know if he's going to make it. 

   Gary flips about telling Maggie. 

   Maggie is in England.

Gary and Rome reminisce on how they all met again. 

   Maggie doesn't have the money for her cab far so she asks the woman she thinks is her new roommate for it. The woman is crying and is having boyfriend issues. Maggie tries to talk her through them hoping to get the cab fare but after telling her she deserves better she finds out that the woman isn't her roommate. Jamie is really a guy, and she just told his girlfriend to break up with him. 

   Rome and Gina's caseworker tells them that they have a new baby for them.

Katherine sends everyone home but Gary comes back. 

   A nurse lets Gary and Katherine in to sit with an unconscious Eddie. 

   Theo finds out so Katherine steps out to talk to him while Gary gives Eddie a pop talk. He feels Eddie squeeze his hand. He squeezes Katherine's too. 

   Rome wants to take the baby in Lennox but Gina still needs to mourn. They have a disagreement about it. 

Eddie is waking up so Katherine and Theo go in to talk to him. Katherine realizes that he may be paralyzed.

A month later and Eddie is leaving the hospital at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

   He still isn't walking and there's a less than ten percent chance that he will. He apologized for almost drinking and gives Katherine an out. 

They bring Eddie home and everyone surprises him at the house with a ramp.

Katherine surprises him with a vow renewal. They have their wedding and make new vows. 

Rome calls Maggie so she can face time with them there and its the first time Gary has spoken to Maggie since the airport. 

Darcy finds out about the airport when Delilah mentions it but Gary assures her that everything is fine. 

The man who hit Eddie that night (possibly linked to Alex?) Watches Eddie and the others at the ceremony in their backyard.


A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Gary: Where is Lindsay anyway?
Delilah Katherine kicked her out.
Darcy: Good. Sorry, but as soon as Lindsay got back into town, Eddie went to a bar. I don't blame Katherine for kicking her out.

Gina: I can't do this right now, Rome. I can't.
Rome: Eddie has been in an accident, and they're airlifting him to Boston General. 
Gina: My God.
Rome: It doesn't sound good.