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  • Delilah prepares for her trip to France. 
  • She puts Gary in charge of the kids, but he accidentally texts Regina and says that she's delicate right now.
  • Gina is upset to find out that her friends are tiptoeing around her feelings and confides in Maggie. She does express that she was resentful of Delilah sometimes. 
  • Rome snaps at dog owner after getting a call from Shanice. He goes to talk to his therapist. 
  • He tells him to communicate better with Gina, and he does. They call Eve together to check in on her. 
  • Gary is helping out Danny and learns that Danny is dealing with a bully. He gives hima dvice on how to deal with it, but Danny gets a bloodied nose. 
  • The boy, Tyler, comes over to apologize, and he tells Danny that his sister died. She had depression too. They patch things up. 
  • Darcy is impressed with Gary's skills with kids and says she's ready to tell her son about dating him. 
  • Darcy help out Eddie and they talk. She tells him about how infidelity affected her growing up. 
  • Katherine and Carter realize that Reverend Stewart was stalking their house and he's Alex's father. But they find out that he didn't hit Eddie, someone in a red SVU did. 
  • Reverend Stewart shows up at Eddie's home. He tells him what really happened with Alex.
  • Alex overdosed that night because of drugs her sister gave her, and Reverend covered it up. He didn't realize that it affected Eddie so much, so he apologized. 
  • Eddie is reeling from the news of that and everything going on. He takes pain meds without telling Katheirne. 
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Eddie: I'm getting a vibe that I'm not your favorite person. Let me just address the elephant in the room. This last year, the family has been through a lot. A lot of changes, listen, I know how important you were to Katherine when Delilah and I. well, I'm sure she told you some of the things I did.
Darcy: All of the things.
Eddie: All of the things. OK, that's great. Maybe we can do a little PT on our relationship. Look, somehow Katherine found it in her to give me another chance, and I hope you do too. Because well, as you can see, I'm a different person now.
Darcy: Edward, are you playing the handicap card?
Eddie: Oh, bet I am, yeah.

If we had another month to spend with dad, we would take it.