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  • Maggie is tryingto make an appointment for her cancer screening but it's taking hours and it's all booked up. When she hears that other people in the program have contracted coronavirus, she sets up an appointment back in Boston. 
  • Rome prepares for his first day on set.
  • Gina and Katherine's landlord serves them with an eviction notice.
  • Darcy is seeing a therapist that Gary recommended and seems to be doing better. 
  • Maggie is on her way to the States and plans to stay a few days after her screening. Corona cases are rising. 
  • Eddie is still taking meds.
  • Eddie's appointment for his cortison shot is canceled because all non essential appointments are suspended. 
  • Maggie says goodbye to her roommate, but it feels awkward and like they won't see each other again. 
  • Gary is excited about Delilah's return because  he won't have to babysit anymore. 
  • When Rome arrives at the table read, Shanice gives him a gift. But they find out that the table read isn't happening becaus of the shutdowns taking place .
  • Delilah calls. Her father broke his hip, so she has to stay in France longer for at least eight weeks. It means she'll probably be stuck there during shutdowns.
  • Maggie shows up at the Dixon house looking for Delilah. They tell her about the update.Darcy tells her that she can stay there. 
  • Maggie slips up and let's Darcy know that she's the one who recommended the doctor for Darcy.Darcy is upset about it.
  • Eddie calls to get his prescription refilled, but he has 13 days left,and they can't give it to him.
  • Katherine gets on the phone with Alan, the owner of  property who finds them in breach. Carter realizes that he didn't mail the notifcation and they're in breach. She meets with him and they talk about it.She tells them that it's more to him because of Jon.
  • Eddie and Gary go to Rome's apartment to get somethign for Theo. Eddie is still in pain and Gary offers to give him arnica gel but mentions that vicodin is in the box. He takes it. 
  • Maggie finds out that she's pregnant. 
  • Alan mentioned he was the last call Jon made, and he plans to cover for them.
  • Jamie keeps calling Maggie. She finds out that Europe is closed to travelers now.
  • Rome visits his mother's grave.
  • The throw a party for Rome and plan to read their parts. 
  • Gary offers up his apartment for Maggie to stay at since England is closed.
  • They all get together and read Rome's script. 
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Rome: What are you talking about, man. You're the best dad in the world.
Eddie: Yeah, I don't know about that, but I'm trying.

This is a culmination of years of hard work. You totally deserve today.

Gina [to Rome]