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  • Gina is driving Tyrell to visit his mother. 
  • Rome is still trying to figure out who Florence is. Tyrell keeps teasing him and saying that it's Walter's girlfrend. Walter isn't answering any of  Rome's calls.
  • Delilah is trying to get a flight back to the States but keeps getting stand by flights. She won't be there in time for Sophie's audition. Delilah tries to get Sophie to pospone her audition. 
  • Maggie gets on Gary's case for going to Peter's and pushing Sophie too much. Delilah plans to talk to Sophie about pressing charges.
  • Janet and Eddie gossip about their other rehab buddies. Eddie is nervous about seeing his family for the first time. He's only having visitors because Theo is acting out so much. Janet gives him some honest advice.
  • Theo is still misbehaving with Katherine. 
  • Alan is texting to check up on Katherine, but she's been avoiding him. 
  • On their way to the detention facility Alan calls Gina and Tyrell and tells them that Tyrell's mother was deported.
  • Alan meets them at the house and says that Martine was deported the same day she tried to call him and there's nothing else they can do about it. Tyrell wants to hop a flight to go see his mother, but Alan discourages it because Martine will have a hard enough time trying to get settled and survive.
  • Rome goes to see Walter and they talk about Florence. Walter says that she's just a friend. Rome is upset about it. 
  • Alan stops by to check on Katheirne. The cat Theo is trying to keep runs in and they have to catch it.
  • Sophie can't reschedule her audition. She'd have to wait a year to reapply. Gary encourages her that she can do it. She reluctantly agrees.
  • Katherine and Alan get the cat out, and share a kiss.
  • Rome notices that the real reason Walter doesn't want to give up his phone is he saved all the voicemails from Renee on them.
  • Katherine and Theo go to see Eddie at rehab. Jackie introduces herself and takes Theo away to let Eddie and Katherine talk. He tells her about how he was never honest with himself and he's working on that. She asks him why he had an affair with Delilah.
  • Sophie asks Gary to stay with her during her audition, but when the panel starts talking about Peter, she thinks about him too, and she flames out during her audition.She doesn't believe she was ever good enough and Peter only told her lies. 
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Maggie: Rome told me you went to Peter's house.
Gary: God this friend group likes to chat. Remember when you were just the girl who everyone was pissed that I brought to Jon's funeral?

Rome: I think I got it. The reason Florence was at my mother's grave is because she's an undertaker.
Tyrell: Yeah, she's an undertaker who's trying to bone your dad.