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Maggie's no longer pregnant. Jamie rummaged through Gary's things and finds the ring that he had for Maggie. She tells Jamie about it and doesn't realize her podcast was uploading. Fans love it but she doesn't feel right talking about Gary like that and takes it down. It's already out there though.

Darcy thinks that Gary is hung up on Maggie and doesn't want him jerking her son around but he shares his experiences as a third wheel when his father started dating and doesn't want to do that to Liam. He spends time with Liam and it doesn't go well for a while until he realized that Liam is anxious about the pandemic, and he relates to him with his own OCD.

Darcy confides in him about her experience overseas and killing a kid there by accident when he presented as a combatant soldier.

Gina struggles to keep all her employees on payroll and knows she has to get rid of someone.

She finds out that Rome has been giving food to Tyrrell and his friends. She contributes and when a patron notices, he contributed money to it. It gives Rome and Tyrrell and idea. Shanice endorses Someday and says that every meal someone purchase also feeds a kid. She doesn't have to fire anyone.

But it sounds like Tyrrell's home life is rocky.

Eddie is high during a session and he can barely help theo with his homework. Dakota covers for him but notices. Eddie swears he'll stop. But Katherine finds the bottle he switched out aspirin with oxy and confronts him. Dakota covers for him and gets thrown out as a result. Eddie attends a zoom AA meeting..

Katherine gets close to Alan.

A Million Little Things
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