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Darcy tells Gary he can be friends with Maggie when he frets about it.

Rome gets a big star to play Gina. 

   Katherine is swamped with work she postponed to take care of Eddie. She heads out in a rush and Theo leaves Eddie's wheelchair out of reach as he leaves and Eddie's phone is too.

Maggie and Gary talk but she alludes that he and Darcy are moving too fast. 

Jamie teases Maggie for not being fun and getting jealous. They find the trunk of the guy Maggie replaced in the program and he talks her into opening it.  

   Gina stalks Eve's FB page. 

   Gary and Theo arrive home hours later and Eddie hides that he peed his pants. Gary helps him clean and cover it up and gets his chair back to him. Eddie explains what happened and says he doesn't know how much longer he can pretend that he's OK for everyone. 

   He lies when Katherine calls again. He thinks his accident is payback. Sophie goes to Harvard for the weekend. She hopes to get in and it makes her think of her father.

Shanice and Rome go over the script after she told him her reasonable non negotiable 

Shanice is US critiquing the show. She brings up the comment Katherine made about Jon at the funeral and how unlikable that made her. 

   She and Gina meet and hit it off but the tension between Gina and Rome is still there.

Gary talks to Darcy about Eddie needing help. She tells him what he needs since she's a physical therapist who works with veterans. He asks her to help but she reminds him that she's booked. She also reminds him that she and Eddie don't get along and when Gary tries to downplay that she tells Gary about how bad things were for Katherine after she found out Eddie cheated and how she was the only one there for her. She still doesn't understand how Katherine ever forgave Eddie.

Delilah prepares for Miles coming over and puts a photo of her and Jon away. But she thinks of time spent together with him in bed.la

Sophie's friend shows her an area where her father signed his name at the school and she has another memory.  

   Jamie and Maggie go through the trunk and play with everything. 

Katherine and Theo talk about how overwhelmed they feel sometime. 

   Regina tries to ask Rome about his feelings but he blows up on his way to meet the guys. He says he doesn't feel entitled to his feelings because of her and she threw away all the baby things.

Jamie explains a personal story of why he hates therapists.  Sophie goes home and tries to sneak into thr house but Delilah catches her. Delilah canceled her date.

Rome and Gary make Eddie play basketball despite his anger and self pity.  

   They even play maroon 5.

Sophie and Delilah talk about Jon.

Katherine finds Eddie's pants in the garbage and gets upset. He tells her that they'll hire a home health care provider. And Darcy volunteers to help him with PT for Katherine.

Gary goes him alone because he doesn't want to go too fast with Darcy and she agrees.

Rome apologies for blowing up on Gina and she tells him that she put the baby stuff in storage but also that its taking her longer to grieve because she feels she's doing it alone.

Delilah tells her dad that she wants to take him to France for a few weeks. 

   Alex's father rings the door and theo answers. He tells Katherine that she has a nice kid. 


A Million Little Things
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