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  • Maggie tells Gary that she thinks she's pregnant because she dreamed of meeting their baby.
  • Sophie goes to tell Eddie about what Kai said but Anna is there.
  • Tyrell is avoiding the Howards before they can talk to him about him not going to Yale as they gear up for his graduation.
  • Rome hands in his resignation to Andre but he won't take it because Rome hasn't done anything wrong. And the parents aren't donating to the school either way and pulling Maddox from the school.
  • Gary and Maggie debate about Mel Gibson and why he should be canceled.
  • Katherine tells Theo about Greta.
  • Rome goes to talk to the Clarks and the father assumes that Rome knows where Maddox is because he ran away.
  • Sophie tells Eddie about what Kai said about Anna and Eddie lies to cover for Anna, still in denial
  • Rome tells Clark about his experiences and how they affect him, Clark realizes that he knows where Maddox is.
  • Maggie is devastated when she gets her period.
  • Gina tries to talk to Vali and learns that Tyrell is staying there for them not Vali.
  • Theo shows up at Greta's job to tell her that Katherine's mother wants to speak to her.
  • Maggie thinks she jinxed everything and they returned the camera.
  • Maggie and Gary find out from the doctor that they're pregnant
  • Anna has been going to AA. While there she realizes that she needs to tell the truth, so she tells eddie about what happened that night and how she confronted Peter. When he touched her and mentioned working things out she wanted him off, and pushed him but didn't realize he'd fall down the stairs she left him there alive but he must've died after she left. the cops come to arrest her.
  • Greta is waiting for Katherine at home and they make up. When Eddie comes over, Katherine invites him to dinner and everyone eats together as a family since her mother cooked.
  • Gina talks to Tyrell and he's headed to Yale.
  • Maddox and his father talk and bond how they used to do.
  • Rome prepares for the graduation, sees the videos on the camera and learns that Gary does have cancer and has been hiding it from everyone. He has a mast on his lung, and he's back in chemo.


A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Love is really hard.
Katherine. It really is.


If you are hearing this, it's because the one embryo that we had worked, and you are our kid. Your dad and I had to go to countless doctors appointments at $135 a session, and I had to have hormone injections and egg retrieval and it was all really uncomfortable and scary, but all worth it because last night I had a dream that I was holding you, and at the risk of sounding you know what stitious, I have a feeling that we'll be meeting you in nine months.