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Cam tries to get Maggie to take her stalker seriously.

Gary stops by to visit and is star struck by Cam.

Rome can't reach Gina and still hasn't told her about the subpoena because he didn't have the chance. 

Valerie hasn't shown up and her father did and plans to help her with preparing food.

Katherine's assistant helps her prepare for her first date with another woman.

Eddie helps Sophie with her audition for music school.he encouraged her to do an open night gig to get out of her funk and gets her a new guitar.

Maggie reads all the messages from the person who is stalking her. Cam hires Maggie a body guard.

Eddie has a meet cute with Anna a woman who almost runs into him.

Regina snaps at her father and tells him to go home but he tells her his wife  kicked him out.

Maggie's stalker escalates by sending a letter and picture they drew of her to her apartment.

Eddie has a date with Anna but she didn't see his chair so he's worried.

Katherine is on a date with the woman and they hit it off, but when she pulls her hand away  when the server comes her date figured she's only curious and ghosts her.

Gina talks to her father about how he makes people feel.

Rome calls Cassandra to ask her advice about the subpoena thing. She takes him on as a new client.

Gary brings Colin over and she tells him about her stalker.

Gary shares that he is going to therapy. He also tells her about Darcy. 

Carter and Katherine drink and talk about things. 

Anna shows up, and Eddie thinks she's leaving because of his chair but it's really because of her being Peter's ex.

Anna shows up at the house and she and Sophie have a heart to heart. 

Rome's agent drops him

Gina finds out they've extended the movie again.

Gary puts a new lock on Maggie's door and she asks Gary to stay over.

Katherine reaches out to Greta who she stopped being friends with in high school when she found out she was gayn

Gina shows up at home. Rome is surprised by it and it seems they may need to take some work to reconnect.


A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Rome: It is hilarious that Maggie is sleeping with literally the only man on the planet that you would also like to sleep with.
Eddie: Well, he is really good with a stick.

He proposed. I said no. We're better off as friends.