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  • Maggie realizes that one of her former students Justin is who it appears is stalking her but she learned he had committed suicide. 
  • She thinks whoever has his journal is sending her things. 
  • Maggie tells Cam she loves him by accident when she's leaving. 
  • Gina tries to have sex with Rome, but he gets distracted with Cassandra and work 
  • Eddie goes with Sophie to her MMI audition with a new song.
  • Liam shows up at Gary's apartment and makes himself at home claiming that he's moving in with Gary now.
  • Gina tells Rome that she picks up on a vibe between him and Cassandra and Rome takes it personallly and it starts an argument with him overreacting. 
  • Liam expresses that he feels in the way now that it's all about the baby.
  • Liam's father Stephen shows up to pick Liam up instead. 
  • Justin's mother Meredith calls to the show and accuses Maggie of being a fraud and the reason Justin is dead.
  • They cut Meredith off and Maggie's next caller asks about it. 
  • Stephen expresses frustration that he's living in Gary's shadow and mentions that Darcy is on bedrest. They figure out what's wrong with Liam. 
  • Sophie is still talking about how Gary messed up at her auditoin and gets prickly when Eddie defends him. Gina smooths things over but Sophie has a hard time with memories and triggers at the auditon.
  • Sophie also learns that Dr. Reeves isn't there anymore, and Sophie kkeeps envisioning Peter. 
  • Gina asks Eddie about the reason he and Delilah happened and they talk about marriage. 
  • Sophie gets into MMI.
  • Liam feels bad that Darcy tripped on his skateboard. 
  • They pull Maggie off the air for a bit.
  • Sophie goes to see Anna and tell her about getting into MMI and they bond again. Sophie invites Anna to the dinner that Eddie planned for them to celebrate. 
  • Maggie is going to see Meredith and thinks she can help her. 
  • Gary gives Liam his lucky hat. 
  • Sophie talks to Danny to share the news. 
  • Rome and Cassandra celebrate him getting a PBS deal,and she does admit that she's attracted to him, thought it was mutual, and got the impression he wasn't happily married. 
  • Sophie Parent Trapped Eddie and Anna and goes to audition for a band instead because MMI isn't her dream anymore. 
  • Gary packs away the last of his Darcy stuff but sees the post it he had with Maggie. He puts it aside and Maggie calls him as he's thinking of her. He goes to lend her his car, but he ends up riding to see Meredith with her. 


A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Sophie: You gonna see her again?
Eddie: Nope. She and I agreed that it's too complicated.
Sophie: When has that ever stopped you?

You feel bad for the stalker who is tormenting you? Which makes you officially the best person I met.