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  • They're still trying to adjust to Walter living with them.
  • Charlie is visiting Eddie and Theo, and he's trying to bond with her. She asks him about how he used to walk when she sees video of him walking during video of her birth.
  • Gary's aunt is supposed to be coming to visit Javier
  • He's angry at her for not stepping up after his mother left.
  • Things are awkward when the nurse who calls Gary and Maggie back to the appointment assumes he speaks Spanish becuase of the baby's name.
  • Nicole has been helping Eddie out with taking care of Charlie and adjusting to things.
  • The daycare that Eddie and Nicole send their kids to close down for the day
  • Gina enlisted help from a councilwoman with her free food initiative for the unhoused and hopes to get her food truck on tv.
  • Eddie starts to have flashbacks when he sees Nicole's car and remembers the night he was hit again.
  • Maggie is afraid to leave Javier alone with Gary
  • Gary's aunt Inez shows up for a visit.
  • Gary gives Inez things from his father, and sends her away, but she tells him about what really happened between her and Javier.
  • They fought about Gary changing his name and Gary being ashamed of being Mexican.
  • Inez helps out with the baby. She apologizes for where she went wrong.
  • Maddox tells Rome that his father is coming for a school event to support him.
  • Gina calls and tells Rome that Walter isn't Rome and the keys are missing
  • He shows up at the school and thinks he's picking Rome up from school as a teenager.
  • Maddox tells Rome that Walter may have a UTI and that's why he's so disoriented
  • Maggie has a moment feeling like she's missing out on bonding with Javier because she can't breastfeed
  • Rome has flashbacks to the whites only sign incident at the school and tells Walter about that.
  • Walter acknowledges he was wrong for making Rome stay at the school after the incident and Rome explains that he teaches there to make it thes chool he thought it could be.
  • Theo recognizes Nicole and starts asking questions about how Eddie really knows her.
  • Nicole explains that Eddie gave up the apartment for her to move in.
  • they stay for dinner at Nicole's
  • Gary invites Inez back and to be part of his life. He apologizes for not inviting her to the funeral.
  • Shse gives him the book that she used to read to him becuase he knew and spoke Spanish back then.
  • She tells him that he doesn't have to speak Spanish to be Mexican.
  • Gina sees herself on the news, and reaches out to Dottie who she learns only showed up that one time for the good press and doesn't have any plans to continue helping anymore.
  • Eddie tells Nicole that it feels like she's trying to repay a debt instead of just being his friend and he doesn't need her to do that.
  • Rome tells Gina that Walter living there isn't working out and they have to consider putting him in assisted living.
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