Eric moved on - A Teacher Season 1 Episode 10
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The episode jumps ahead 10 years.

Eric leads therapeutic wilderness trips and heads back to Texas for his high school reunion.

Claire is married with two girls, and her family travels to Texas for Wyatt's 75th birthday.

Claire and Eric bump into each other at the supermarket, and the chance encounter leaves Eric traumatized and Claire feeling guilty.

Eric goes back to his mother's home without the groceries and is reunited with his teenage brothers who are now in high school.

Nate and his family also go to Wyatt's for Wyatt's birthday, and Wyatt and Claire talk, with Wyatt mentioning how proud he is of Claire.

Eric arrives late at his high school reunion and is reunited with former best friends Logan and Josh and ex-girlfriend Alison.

Logan and Josh have to cut out early, but Eric and Alison go back to her hotel room where they hook up.

Eric apologizes for everything that happened their senior year, and Alison says it's ancient history.

Claire later texts Eric in the middle of the night, wanting to meet up for lunch, and the pair meet the next day.

Claire apologizes for not putting a stop to the affair and hadn't reached out sooner for not wanting to drag Eric back down.

Eric says everything that happened was Claire's fault and that he hasn't been able to move on with his life, as they both have to live with the consequences of their affair.

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A Teacher Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Sandra: Hey.
Eric: What’s up?
Sandra: You OK?
Eric: Yeah, totally. I’m just tired from the drive. It’s good to be home.

Claire: Oh wow, Eric, hi.
Eric: Hi.
Claire: How are you?
Eric: I’m OK. Uh, I should probably get going.