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On the series premiere of A to Z, we are introduced to Andrew and Zelda, two different people who will eventually date.

Andrew works for an online dating site and Zelda is a lawyer. Andrew is a hopeless romantic and Zelda would rather be single. 

Zelda goes to Andrew's office looking for a way off the dating site when Andrew sees her. Immediately attracted to her, Andrew shows her to his boss. Andrew continues to flirt with her, but Zelda keeps shutting him down. 

Once Zelda returns to her own office, she realizes that both of them work in the same office park and had had a chance to see each other a number of times, but didn't. 

Zelda and Andrew start to become social media friends and eventually have drinks together. At the bar, they find out they both saw the same band in concert. Andrew realizes that he saw her at concert from afar, but Zelda quickly denies it and leaves.

Andrew decides to use coworkers to prove that Zelda was at the concert. At a coffee stand, he runs into Zelda, who almost apologizes for leaving him behind. Andrew's coworkers arrive and tell him what they found, in front of Zelda. However, what they found proves that Zelda was at a different showing. Zelda storms off

Also discovered is that Andrew's friend, Stu, lied to get with a girl, who turns out to be Zelda's best friend, Stephie. When Stephie discovers the lie, she is infuriated, but leads Zelda to realize the length Andrew went to impress her. It is then revealed that Zelda was the girl Andrew saw.  

Zelda returns to her office and calls Andrew to apologize and tells the truth about the concert. Andrew hangs up and Zelda meets him at where she explains herself and they share a kiss.

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A to Z Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

The idea is to keep them paying the monthly fee. They won't do that if they get married


You can try a child as an adult, but not the other way around....No. It does not matter if the crime is adorable.