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Andrew and Zelda decide to spend Christmas together. Stephie is going to help Andrew find the perfect present for Zelda and Stu help Zelda.

At Wallflower, Howard informs Lydia that a Wallflower user is going to speak about her disastrous experience with Wallflower. Lydia has to recruit Dinesh and Lora to help with the problem after the rest of Wallflower leaves for Christmas. The user, Irene, is not able to make a good impression on others on Wallflower. Lydia chooses to set Howard up with Irene, so she can say she had a good experience with Wallflower.

When shopping for Andrew, Zelda can't find a present for him because Stu keeps stealing ideas. Stephie and Andrew find Zelda's present fast. When kids start to mistake Stu for Santa, Zelda confides in him that she doesn't want to spend Christmas with Andrew. Andrew confides the same thing to Stephie. They both would rather spend Christmas with their families, but felt obligated to spend it with each other. 

When everyone meets up later, Andrew and Zelda are awkward about the situation. Zelda finds out about Andrew confiding in Stephie and Stu blabs the truth to Andrew. Andrew decides to spend Christmas with Zelda even though they both don't want to. 

Howard tells Lydia about the date and convinced Irene to not do the interview about Wallflower. Howard decides to continue to date Irene. Lydia is jealous about Howard missing their work. Lydia makes Dinesh and Lora come back to Wallflower to ask their advice on Howard and Irene. Lora tells Lydia that Howard is her work husband. 

Stu and Stephie are trying to figure out a way to get Andrew and Zelda to spend Christmas apart because they prefer it that way. Andrew and Zelda were still acting as if there was nothing wrong. They eventually start fighting about spending Christmas together and leave to be with their families.  

Howard returns to Wallflower to work with Lydia after his date with Irene went very badly. 

At the airport, Stu and Stephie try to get Andrew and Zelda to talk to each other. They eventually apologize to each other and tell each other 'I love you,' for the first time. 

Stu sits at the mall and answers questions as Santa. 

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A to Z Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Maybe it's the whole Santa vibe that you are throwing down right now, but I fell I can open up to you.


Andrew eats waffles for breakfast, because I already got him a waffle maker.