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The staff meets in the breakroom, and Janine reads the Charter school proposal. They will address the transition the next week at the school board meeting.

They all express their frustration.

Ava announces they won't be called Abbott Elementary anymore, and Janine and the crew decide to fight.

They begin Operation: Save the School. Janine attempts to stop parents at drop-off to educate them on the looming threat of the charter school proposal.

One of the parents immediately signs up and Janine is encouraged. Draymond has already wooed Barbara's friend on the school board. Jacob's night terrors extend into his days now and he curses the refrigerator. Janine asks for help signing up more parents after school, and Gregory awkwardly shouts, " I'll do it with you after school, Janine!"

They approach parents after school to get signatures on petitions. Gregory gets Erica's signature and she teases him about the kiss with Janine and being just friends.

They leave defeated. Ava approaches and says she just interviewed for a job with Legendary Charter as a Chief Marketing Officer and that their branding needs work.

Janine asks for a meeting with all the teachers to brainstorm an idea.

The teachers meet and discuss ideas. Another teacher, Allie, pitches bad ideas. Jacob loses his temper with ever calm Mr. Morton frequently.

Barbara mentions they must trick the community to sign a petition, and everyone agrees. Janine sarcastically suggests they throw a festival and make everyone sign the petition to get in.

Ava takes credit for the idea and calls it AVA Fest. Janine works with the Step Team, Mr. Jonson finds a dunk tank in the basement and Melissa tries to convince Jacob to be dunked.

One of Janine's students is concerned about both Janine and herself getting fired. Gregory suggests to Janine they get a headliner, and she suggests Tariq. Gregory shoots that down.

Ava puts Jazmine Sullivan on the flyer.

Mr. Johnson works security and scans the guests with a curling iron. The festival is very successful.

Gregory sees Amber. She already has a boyfriend who got her a new bag. She tells him to move on.

People are starting to get antsy about where Jazmine Sullivan not being there. Gregory reveals that he called Tariq.

Tariq tells Janine not to try to get him back because he is very busy.

Tariq gets on the stage and starts to rap. The crowd gets into it.

Draymond comes on stage and exposes the Abbott teachers as liars. He tells them that Abbott is falling apart, and the parents stand up for Abbott. He tries to sway the parents but they do not take the bait.

They laugh him off the stage and Mr. Johnson sweeps him off like Sandman from the Apollo.

The rest of the festival goes well and Draymond apologizes and says he will put this behind him now.

As they leave, the basketball goal falls to the ground and they decide to leave it til Monday. Janine runs to fix it and they reprimand her.

Tariq sits in the dunk tank like it's a jacuzzi and counts his various projects. He then asks for a ride to New York to get his stuff and back to Philly.

Abbott Elementary
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Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Barbara: We can hardly get parents to come to the open house. I don't think you're going to get that many at drop off.
Janine: Oh, no, I'm very good at canvassing. People always open the door for me because they think I'm a lost child.

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