Emily Visits the Morgue - Absentia Season 2 Episode 3
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Tommy brings Emily to the morgue to show her Valerie’s body. They think Valerie overdosed in the train station bathroom. Emily pushes him to make a toxicology screen a priority because she believes someone killed her.

Valerie died of Fentanyl poisoning with a dose so high that nothing could have saved her. It was injected into her neck. Tommy thinks it might be connected to a case he’s working where Marco was killed the same way.

Lester gives Emily the name of Valerie’s insulin dealer. While she’s there, Emily does some cocaine before asking about Fentanyl in order to earn the dealer’s trust. He claims you can’t get pure Fentanyl on the street.

Jack is upset when the hospital tells him that they aren’t able to hire him back as a surgeon right now. Later, Jack does a trachiostomy on a patient in the ambulance. He saves the man, but ends up getting a warning in his file because he’s not allowed to perform procedures as an EMT. 

When Flynn finds the door locked to get out of the room where he’s having group therapy, he freaks out and hits another kid who tries to help him. Alice stops by Emily’s to tell her they all have to meet with Flynn’s therapist tomorrow and she realizes that Emily is high. She tells her to make sure she’s sober whenever she’s around Flynn.

Alice is angry that Emily never told her that Flynn wet the bed at her place. During the session, Alice is supportive of Nick have to work long hours but she’s angry that he has to run back to work when she tries to talk about Flynn. Later, she tells Jack she feels like she’s trying so hard but still failing.

Tommy tells Emily that he’s off the case of her mother and Marco’s murders because Nathan Farlow, a US attorney, was killed the same way an the Feds have taken over the case.

Emily pays Lester to leave town and not tell anyone about her connection to Valerie. 

In order to get information about her mother’s death, Emily approaches Crown and returns to her job at the FBI. Emily has flashbacks and sees things when she’s in the FBI office but she covers it. She gets put on the Fentanyl case. Tommy assumes their personal relationship is over now that she no longer needs his help to investigate. Emily look upset but doesn’t correct him, so he leaves.

The FBI gets video of the person who bought the special tool. They can’t see his face but they see his tattoo which belongs to a group known as the Patriotic Guardians. The head of the group is Colin Spencer and the FBI brings him in for questioning. When Nick threaten to tell his group he’s cooperating, Colin identifies the man in the video as Tyler Brandon Mills.

Nick and Julianne visit Tyler’s parents and learn that he’s been staying in their basement. When they go to check it out, he’s gone but they trip a booby trap which allows Tyler to see via video that the FBI is there as he drives away. 

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Absentia Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Drug dealer: That shit’s everywhere. You can buy it online. There ain’t no such thing as pure Fentanyl on the street.
Emily: You sure about that?

Emily: Can you get them to run a tox screen, please?
Tommy: That may take a while. She’s not exactly a priority.
Emily: Tom, she told me someone was after her. Someone killed her, I can feel it. Can you make it a fucking priority?
Tommy: Okay.