Checking Out a Story - Absentia Season 2 Episode 2
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Tommy and Emily place Lester and Valerie on a 48 hour hold and search the RV. They find what they think is drug paraphernalia and a birth certificate for an Emily Chandris. 

Tommy gets Valerie released and she goes with Emily. Valerie thinks she’s being followed but can’t tell Emily by whom. When Emily threatens to kick her out, Valerie faints. Emily calls Jack for advice and they realize Valerie is a diabetic who has been getting her insulin on the black market. Emily finds her insulin and gives her a shot. 

When Valerie wakes up, she tells Emily that after she was arrested for assault and forging checks, baby Emily was remanded to the State. She didn’t know who the father was. When she got out of prison she was told she went to a nice home, so she walked away. 

Valerie claims that she went to the hospital recently for a diabetes check and was drugged, and now she keeps blacking out. Emily finds Valerie’s record which confirm an eye exam for diabetics and that she was given a sedative to calm her. She assumes Valerie is lying about the rest. 

While Emily is out, Flynn comes over and finds Valerie in the apartment. Valerie tries to keep him from leaving and he shoves her. When Emily returns, she makes Valerie leave. 

Valerie confronts Warren about Valerie. He gets angry, saying he told Emily Valerie was dead because he thought she was dangerous, then he kicks Emily out. 

Nick finds a specialty socket bit left behind at the FEMA scene and they try to track down the buyer. They also find video of a guy in a pest control uniform that links back to Miles Deleon. Julianne doesn’t think he’s their guy, but when Nick and Cal go to bring him in, they find he’s about to be attacked by an angry mob because Erica Lyle has already reported on him.

Miles isn’t their guy and they have to let him go. Crown is upset that this has made him look bad, which he laments to Erica Lyle, the reporter with whom he’s having an affair. 

Nick thinks Agent Gunnarsen may be after Crown’s job. Alice tells Jack she feels guilty that the mass murder at FEMA has helped her career and his. 

At a sink in a public restroom, Valerie is attacked from behind.  


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Absentia Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Julianne: We can’t rule things out until we’re certain.
Crown: Then get certain.

Emily: My birth mother is dead.
Valerie: I may not be the freshest daisy in the garden but hey, you know, I’m still breathing.