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Emily and Cal pretend to be a couple while on a train to find Nick. When Emily heads back to their cabin, she is attacked and knocked unconscious.

They attack Cal when he returns. Emily awakens and knocks out her attacker. Then she and Cal end up throwing the other two from the train.

While they change out of their bloodied clothes, Emily sees a long scar on Cal’s back. He tells her that when he was in the Middle East guarding a convoy, he shot a teenager. When he tried to help the boy, the teen called out for his mother, who ran up and stabbed Cal, leaving him with the scar.

Even though Holt and Cal’s friend had subdued the mother, his boss, Armstrong, shot and killed her. Then he told Cal to kill the kid, or he’d shoot and kill Cal’s friend. Reluctantly, Cal killed the teen.

After his confession, Emily and Cal have sex on the train. In the morning, Emily says she loves him. The two head out to find Nick. Cal says if they’re in this together, he needs to know everything and asks if she has Kai’s files. Emily says, yes.

Crown questions Michelle, Julianne’s ex-partner. Michelle paid off $60,000 in Julianne’s credit card debt. She says it was fertility treatments and wanted to pay it back after they broke up. Michelle tells Julianne about Crowne’s questions, and the two appear on the cusp of reconciling.

Back at the office, Julianne lets Crowne know she’s uncovered his affair with the reporter with a barely veiled threat about possibly investigating him.

Later, Julianne apologizes to Derek and asks that they work together to save Nick.

Nick continues to be tortured, this time with electric shocks. The nurse tells Nick he’s being moved to another facility.

During the move, as all prisoners have hoods on, but Nick can see slightly through his, he manages to switch himself with another prisoner going in the opposite direction.

Cal and Emily get to the prison and steal a key card from a guard, but once inside, they realize that everyone has been moved.

It’s obvious there were some sort of medical experiments happening here. On the wall are photos of “patients.” Emily recognizes some of them as the organ harvesting victims from Boston.

Emily recognizes the holding cells as the one she saw Nick being held in the video Dawkins showed her, but now they are all empty.

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Absentia Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Michelle: God, I hate that place. All those people and their secrets. You should have left when I asked you to.
Julianne: If I could go back there’s a lot of things I’d do differently. I’m sorry. Thank you for being so loyal. I didn’t appreciate that enough when I had the chance.

Flynn: I just don’t want to be scared anymore.
Warren: The world can be a scary place. Sometimes you just have to confront it head-on. I have, your mom has, someday you will too. You’re a part of this tribe, Flynn. Don’t ever doubt that, or yourself.