Nick Sees Alice - Absentia
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On a plane to Berlin, Emily tells Dawkins she won’t hand over the encryption key until she has Nick.

In Berlin, Dawkins vehicle is hijacked, he is knocked out, and a woman named Rowena and her team take Emily.

It turns out Emily knows Rowena. She’s the person she called back in Boston, and this abduction was set up to get her away from Dawkins. Rowena was at Quantico with Emily, but she’s since gone rogue.

Dawkins is holding some sort of fundraiser at his estate that evening. Rowena helps Emily gain access but tells her she owes her, and she will collect one day.

At the party, Emily stumbles across a book that lists Jericho, as well as medical supplies and coffins. When Elliott, the supposed gardener, finds her, he says Jericho is a shipping depot in Austria, and then he hits a secret button for security, and Emily must flee. Emily hits the fire alarm and escapes with the rest of the party guests.

Crowne figures out that someone has been accessing Nick and Emily’s files. He tells Cal that Emily was right; there is a mole feeding Meridian information.

Julianne agrees that Cal should go to Europe to meet his contact about Meridian, but tells him it will be entirely off the books. Then she threatens to use his past against him and possibly ruin his career if she isn’t the first person he contacts when he knows something.

Crown assigns Agent Thompson to see who was physically in the office the day Nick and Emily’s information was accessed. He chooses her because she was on assignment that day and she’s new. He plans to investigate Gunnarson himself.

Cal meets with his contact in Europe. He says he wants to make Meridian pay for what they made them do. His friend says he still has nightmares about the bodies. He gets Cal information about Meridian and Emily.

Cal finds Emily and the two team-up.

Nick is drugged and seeing Alice in his visions, but it’s the Nurse asking him questions. She tells him he’s broken promises to Emily and Alice and he’ll break his promise to Kai and hand over the encryption key, but Nick doesn’t break. He tells Alice good-bye. The Nurse calls someone and says she needs more time.

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Absentia Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

When he finds out the kidnapping was a ruse, Dawkins is going to come after you, viciously.


Losing an agent on my watch is unacceptable. If you can cut through the bullshit using your friend, go for it.