Coming Up With a Plan - Absentia
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Cal stumbles upon Meridian guards, and as he’s wearing their uniform, he pretends to be one of them. They say they’re headed to Armstrong, and Cal follows along. They end up at the refugee prison where he finds Armstrong. Cal tries to kill him but can’t get close enough. 
Emily has Nick call the farmhouse to talk a very relieved Flynn. He promises his son he’ll be home soon. Afterward, Nick takes Emily to meet the refugee kids in the woods whose parents were taken by Meridian. He doesn’t want to leave until they help them. 
Nick and Emily call Crowne at the FBI and are shocked to learn that Agent Thompson was killed and never delivered Nick’s message. Crowne sends an extraction team, but it will take at least 12 hours to get there.
The kids take Emily and Nick to the original refugee camp, which looks more like a prison. Emily recognizes the boss as Elliott, the “Gardner” from the party in Berlin. 
Outside of the camp, Emily and Nick find a mass grave. 
Elliott questions the Nurse about Emily, and then he kills her. As they are closing up the camp, Elliott orders that all the refugees be injected with a serum that will make it look like they’ve died of a virus. 
Emily and Nick break into the camp but get split up. When Emily finds Elliott, she also spots Cal. When she hesitates, one of the Meridian guards knocks her out from behind. 
Flynn is worried about Warren’s health and calls Jack. Jack shows up at the farmhouse. Later that night, Dawkins arrives. He beats up Warren and Jack, then goes after Flynn, who is hiding in a closet.
Crown and Gunnarsen realize that the one person in the building when Nick and Emily’s files were accessed and when Thompson took the phone call from Nick, was Director Webb. 
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Absentia Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Emily: I promised Flynn I would bring you home.
Nick: I know but if it was Flynn, if it was Flynn out here, I’d hope someone would do the same for him.

Gunnarsen: Off the top of your head, any suspects come to mind?
Crowne: Who isn’t one at this point?