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Coulson finds out that May has been reporting on him and the team to Director Fury. He doesn't trust her after the plane is remotely diverted to the Hub. When May attempts to contact Fury and finds out he's dead.

Coulson and his team believe that Victoria Hand is a member of Hydra, while she believes Coulson is working for Hydra. It turns out that neither of them were correct. John Garrett accidentally reveals himself to be the Clairvoyant and a member of Hydra.

At the Hub, Simmons and Trip work together to stay safe. They are found Hand and she tests them. She reveals they are all on the same side against Hydra.

Garrett is taken into custody. Ward accompanies Hand to take him to the freezer. She asks Ward if he wants to kill Garrett. He pulls out his gun and kills Hand and the two guards. Ward has been working with Garrett for Hydra the whole time.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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