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In the previous episode, Ward set the bus free and Whitehall ordered it blown out of the sky. With Quinjet's in hot pursuit, May makes some quick maneuvers confusing the HYDRA pilots allowing her to cloak the bus and escape.

Though it appeared Mack died, Simmons tells Fitz that perhaps the city is simply controlling him. If so, there's still a chance they could save him.

Ward kept his promise to Skye by reuniting her with her unstable father. The Doctor takes the opportunity to reintroduce himself as Cal and shares the his earliest memories of their life together. He talks of her mother, and the fact she was "special." Unfortunately, Daniel Whitehall experimented on her in an effort to unlock the secret of eternal youth. There was nothing left of her when Cal found her.

Skye listened to Cal's story but promised him that she would make sure the Obelisk never makes its way down into that city.

Though she threatened to kill him, Skye gives her father a chance to walk away. Knowing that she will eventually seek him out after her transformation, he agrees and tells her "I'm your father and I love you. I will always love you Daisy."

When Cal reaches Daniel Whitehall, he finds that Coulson has shot and killed the HYDRA leader. The moment Cal has been waiting all these years for had been taken away from him. He proceeds to beat the living hell out of Coulson.

Luckily, Ward sets Skye free, she shoots him for his troubles before confronting her father and saving Coulson.

In the underground city, Fitz, Simmons and Triplett plant detonators to blow the temple to smithereens.

That's easier said than done, because Raina had now entered the underground city with the Obelisk and Skye had gone down after her. Trip was forced to go back and deactivate the bombs.

Mack, possessed and now guardian of the city, guides Raina to the mysterious temple where Skye soon joins her. "This doesn't destroy, it gives life. New life, we finally get to find out what we become" Raina informs Skye.

Unfortunately, Trip enters the chamber before the walls seal shut behind them.

The Obelisk floats out of Raina's hands and lands on a platform in the center of the room. The artifact opens to reveal the Terrigen Crystals.

A mist suddenly bursts from the Obelisk and soon both Skye and Raina are encased in some form of alien cocoon.

Sadly, Trip is in the wrong place at the wrong time and as regular human, with no Kree DNA, the Obelisk kills him.

The Terrigen Mist unlocked Skye (or is it Daisy?) and Raina's special gifts. The Inhumans are now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Elsewhere, an eyeless man realizes his own Obelisk is glowing. Someone new has joined their ranks. Is this Inhuman friend or foe?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Simmons: What if the city didn't kill Mack but co-opted him, made him a part of it.
Fitz: Like zombie ants.
Simmons: Yeah, maybe it's like the fungus that fear Cordyceps. It possesses and transforms ants into creatures that do its bidding. Maybe the city didn't kill Mack, it's just controlling him. If Mack's alive there's still hope we can save him.

Cal: You have to finish what we started.
Skye: No I don't, I'm not going down there. I'm not going to change or transform or whatever the hell you think is going to happen.
Cal: Why can't you see it's a good thing?
Skye: Maybe it's all the dead bodies laying around or the fact that HYDRA wants it. I'm going to make sure that your Obelisk never gets down into that city. And you're gonna leave. This is your one chance to walk away or I will kill you.
Cal: Okay I'll go, but I'll be waiting for you. After you change no one else will understand. They'll be afraid, change is terrifying. But I'm your father and I love you. I will always love you Daisy.