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It's 1839 and in Gloucestershire, England a secret society meets to select one man for an important journey. He is given several parting gifts and locked in a room with the monolith. "No one has ever returned," one noble warns another.

In the present, Fitz is still pounding on the Kree monolith when the team rushes to his side. Bobbi brushes some sand off his cheek which proves without a doubt the monolith is a portal, as the sand predates the Earth by a thousand years. "She's out there" Coulson confirms.

Step one is to reach out to Professor Randolph, an Asgardian the team has worked with before.

While Daisy and Mack continue to focus on building the "Secret Warriors," Hunter sets his sights on Ward.

Speaking of the villain, Ward uses an impressive intimidation technique to gather some intel from a Hydra operative. Not only is he searching for someone specific, but he is simultaneously weeding out the dead weight in Hydra's leadership.

Randolph claims to be comfortable in his little Norwegian cell, refusing to assist the team. However, Coulson's threat and his curiosity about the portal changes his mind. After seeing the scroll symbol, the team heads to Gloucestershire.

Dr. Garner arrives to evaluate new Inhuman Joey and Daisy inquires about Agent May.

May is spending some time with her father, who was recently involved in an accident. It isn't long before Hunter arrives attempting to recruit her. However, she wants no part of hunting down Ward and Hydra.

Ward and Kebo scope out several young people on a yacht. Informing his right hand this young man can open doors for them, they make their way aboard and kidnap him. Kebo is tasked with torturing the youngster until he talks.

At the castle in England, Randolph points to the familiar symbol on the wall. Our heroes discover a hidden passageway and a machine that opens a chamber in the floor. Fitz theorizes that, "This machine was designed to control the portal. To open and close it at will."

Coulson contacts Mack and Daisy to bring the Kree monolith to England. They lower it into place and it liquefies.

Though the machine ultimately breaks down, Fitz manages to fire a flare into the portal before it closes. Daisy passes out due to a pulsating sound. Fitz theorizes that Daisy can use her sonic power to open the portal herself. They prepare to send a probe through.

Elsewhere, tired of being beaten, the young man retaliates impressing Ward. It turns out, he is the son of Wolfgang von Strucker.

Daisy tunes her sonic force to the proper frequency and the portal opens. Fitz attaches himself to the lifeline and jumps in. Thanks to the flare he fired earlier, Jemma manages to locate him and the two make it back in one piece. The monolith is destroyed in the process.

When Randolph asks about Daisy's power, Coulson informs him "They call themselves Inhumans." The word seems to worry the Asgardian. How much does he know about these altered human beings?

Dr. Garner shares the good news about Simmons' return with May, who tells Hunter.

Jemma's suffering from nightmares, but spotting Fitz near her bed makes her feel safe.

Dr. Garner is approached by a student who asks to join his psychology class. "You know why most people take psyche, right? They're trying to figure out families" Garner tells the young man. "You got me there. You wouldn't believe how messed up mine is" Werner von Strucker replies.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Bobbi: This looks a lot like it was made to hold...
Fitz: The monolith! This machine was designed to control the portal. To open and close it at will.
Coulson: Do you know that? Or is that just what you hope it to be?
Fitz: Well there's only one way to find out.

Bobbi: Who is Professor Randolph?
Coulson: This monolith has been studied for centuries. Well, Randolph's actually been on the planet for those centuries. And he's traveled through space in a portal. And he's also an alien, So, he's got a lot going for him.