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Yo-Yo is at a bachelorette party in Miami when the power at the hotel bar suddenly goes out. An anonymous message from the Inhuman Resistance takes credit for the outage. Jeffrey orders Mack to go to Miami and touch base with Yo-Yo.

Simmons decides to go to the CDC facility in upstate New York where May is being kept so that she can try to save her life. Coulson wants to go with Simmons to help May, but Jeffrey sends him to Miami with Mack and Fitz.

Robbie tells Daisy his uncle worked at Momentum Labs as an electrical engineer. They overhear a radio broadcast about the blackout in Miami and another in London. Robbie worries a blackout will happen in Los Angeles and strand Gabe in a bad neighborhood. 

Simmons brings May to see Dr. Radcliffe in the hope that he can help save her life. There are now blackouts in four cities, including Los Angeles. Fitz thinks they have all been caused by EMP devices. Robbie explains his curse to Daisy; he thinks if he can right whatever wrong his uncle previously tried to fix, he'll be rid of the curse. Robbie and Daisy rescue Gabe from some thugs who want to steal his wheelchair. Robbie tells Daisy that Gabe doesn't know about Ghost Rider.

Simmons and Radcliffe realize that May and the other victims are in a perpetual state of fright; they're being scared to death. A group of men show up at the hotel bar where Yo-Yo is and demand the Inhuman as a hostage. Yo-yo uses her powers to steal the gun the men are using to threaten people. Her friend notices and outs her as an Inhuman. Coulson, Fitz and Mack show up just in time to help her. 

Radcliffe tells Simmons they'll have to kill May in order to save her -- it should allow her brain to reboot. Coulson thinks the Watchdogs are behind the vigilante attacks during the blackout.

Just as Radcliffe and Simmons are about to revive May, the power goes out. The Inhuman Resistance threatens to keep blacking out cities until the registration of Inhumans ends. Radcliffe brings out a prototype clean energy device, which gives them enough power to resurrect May -- back as her old self. 

Fitz calculates the origin of the EMP in MIami and they deactivate it after fighting off the guards. Gabe confronts Daisy about being Quake, but tells her he'll keep her secret -- as long as she stays away from Robbie.

Coulson tells Jeffrey that the vigilantes had Watchdog tattoos -- but based on their tech, they must be backed by someone powerful. Mack confronts Yo-yo about her secret communications with Daisy.  The team talks about the rumors of Ghost Rider. Robbie comes from getting medical supplies for Daisy only to find her gone.

Jeffrey gives a press conference clearing the Inhumans of blame for the blackout and praising S.H.I.E.L.D. for saving the day. However, Senator Rota Nadeer goes on TV to blame the Inhumans and accuse Jeffrey of lying. Turns out, Senator Nadeer has a secret of her own hidden in her home.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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