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After avoiding the Kree searching for them on the Zephyr, the team splits up to accomplish various tasks.

Coulson and Daisy go to rescue Inhumans to be taken by Tess to safety on the trawler. They encounter Tye, the Inhuman trainer, who has been given a super-drug by Kasius. Daisy kills Tye, but not before he gets a hit on Coulson.

Fitz and Simmons help Flint learn how to use his powers to create a new monolith with the piece they have.

Yo-Yo, searching for other captive Inhumans, is surprised to find none other than herself, kept captive, repeatedly killed and resurrected by the Kree and used as Kasius' source of information.

The other Yo-Yo is emotionally damaged from her experiences, but tells Present Yo-Yo that Coulson is dying and that they should let him die, as the only way to end the time loop.

On the Zephyr, the Kree overpower Enoch and damage the machine needed to power the monolith time travel. Deke arrives to help, but the only way for it to work is for Enoch to power it directly, which will destroy him and everything around him.

Mack, searching for Yo-Yo, encounters Kasius, who kills Captive Yo-Yo in front of Mack and then uses his super-drug and beats up Mack. Simmons shows up and uses Kasius' own deafening slave tech on him.

Taking advantage of the moment, Mack kills Kasius with his shotgun-ax. Then Present Yo-Yo appears, and they all head for the rendezvous.

Due to Enoch's damage, Deke realizes they can't wait any longer and must activate the monolith now or never.

In the stinger, Flint and Tess discuss the second chance for the world and ponder using a little model globe as a model for Flint rebuilding the world.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Deke [looking at his gun in awe]: Where has this *been* all my life?
Enoch: Level Three. Hidden in a wall cavity.
Deke: Now you tell me.

I always knew that working with you guys was gonna blow up in my face, but it’s about to get LITERAL!