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Talbot, seeing Coulson and his team as a threat, orders Phil and Melinda imprisoned in a cell, while Daisy is handed over to Kasius Sr. while Talbot boards the Zephyr (killing Agent Kim in the process) and stealing the Quinjet.

Deke, witnessing Talbot's actions, makes his way onto the alien ship and rescues Coulson and May from their cell and they start to search for Daisy.

Daisy was being transported in an unconscious state, while her mind was transported onto an astral plane where she talked with Kasius Sr. She rejects his plans to break her and instead manages to damage the device keeping her unconscious.

They all meet up, and Coulson and May share an EPIC KISS before Coulson and Daisy head back to the Zephyr, while Deke and May head to the bridge to do something about the missiles pointed at the Lighthouse.

May and Deke reprogram the missile's target coordinates to shoot down the Remorath's own ship while simultaneously using their teleporter device to escape.

Talbot visits Carl Creel and absorbs him to get more gravitonium.

Yo-Yo, Mack, and a team attempt to stop Talbot at his family's house, but he's grown far too powerful for them to even touch him.

Fitz and Simmons come up with a treatment that might save Coulson's life, but the same Centipede serum as a delivery device is the only thing that could also stop Talbot.

They could either save Coulson or save the world.

Talbot, meanwhile, kidnaps Robin the seer and her mother in order to find out where he might find more gravitonium underground.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Fitz: What if all we have to do is not fail?
Simmons: That’s quite an audacious leap. Especially from someone who once believed time cannot be changed.
Fitz: Maybe it’s time to be audacious.

Qovas: You are now prisoners of war. I suggest you use your time to consider the disrespect you’ve shown.
Coulson: Suggest all you want. You’re just the villain of the month, and you’re going down. Just like all the rest.