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Daisy wakes up and exits her healing chamber.

The time driver overloaded and they are trapped in a time storm.

They jumped within a jump, tearing a hole in spacetime and pulling them into a vortex which will make them cease to exist.

A radiation flare burns Mack's eyes and traps Yo-Yo in the quintet.

Daisy wakes up in her healing chamber, reliving the same day.

Daisy saves Mack from being hit by the radiation flare. She tells Simmons and Sousa that she is time looping.

Daisy wakes up again, and this time she wakes up Coulson from his charge. She tells him she keeps repeating the same events and he tells her they've had this conversation before.

Coulson claims that she can't remember because she died again. Every time she dies, she gets rebooted.

To Coulson's knowledge, Daisy has died fourteen times and they have been through this loop eighty-seven times. It's probably more, though, because Daisy doesn't wake him up every time.

Coulson believes they are the only two that remember because they wake up in futuristic healing pods.

The day reboots.

Coulson believes the time drive is stuck, hence the looping.

The day reboots over and over again.

The more they reboot, the closer the Zephyr gets to the vortex.

Daisy tells the team they are stuck in a time loop.

Deke wants Simmons to take out her implant. Daisy and Coulson find out about it.

Simmons tried to remove it, but she dies. 

The day reboots, this time Daisy goes in with her. They both die from gas poisoning. Someone cut the gas line.

They day reboots over and over again until Coulson is able to catch Daisy up.

Daisy loops in Sousa, he offers to grab the scanner to take the implant out of Simmons. Someone has tampered with it, though, and he dies.

The day reboots.

Coulson figures out it's Enoch who is the one killing. Fitz and Simmons programmed him to protect the implant at all costs.

Coulson and Daisy try over and over again to stop Enoch, but they always fail.

Daisy kisses Sousa.

They have Sousa, May, Mack, and Yo-Yo hold off Enoch while they remove Simmons' implant.

Simmons tells them Enoch's electrochom displacement mechanism is the key to regulate the time drive's energy stability. But removing it would kill him.

The day reboots.

They are less than one kilometer from the vortex.

Enoch sacrifices himself and Deke gets the time drive working. They jump out of the time storm.

Before he dies, Enoch tells Daisy and Coulson that he has seen the future, they all survive, but this will be their last mission together.

Nathaniel trains Kora.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Daisy: What's happening?
May: Time drive overloaded.
Sousa: Any chance that's twenty-first century slang for worked normally?

Sousa: Hey, what are you doing up?
Daisy: How long have you been here?
Sousa: Well, I guess, uh, when did you go to sleep? Since then.