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Mack, Daisy, and Sousa dock with the Zephyr in space. A Chronicom ship locks onto the Zephyr.

The Zephyr is empty.

On the Chronicom ship, Simmons and Deke are thrown into a holding cell. Simmons is injected with something that will dissolve her implant.

Nathaniel, Kora, and Garrett meet with Sibyl, who now has a body.

In the Lighthouse, they go into lockdown.

Nathaniel tells Kora that he killed Jiaying for her.

Garrett teleports into the Lighthouse and starts planting Chronicom bombs.

Daisy, Mack, and Sousa make a plan for Daisy to infiltrate the Chronicom ship to bring back Simmons and Deke while Mack and Sousa work to get the hangar doors open.

Sousa kisses Daisy before she leaves.

Sibyl, via broadcast, tells Daisy, Mack, and Sousa that they destroyed the S.H.I.E.L.D. bases.

Yo-Yo puts a device on Garrett that prevents him from teleporting. They make him call Nathaniel to deactivate the bombs. Nathaniel refuses.

The bombs go off.

Coulson, May, and Yo-Yo survive after Yo-Yo moves all the bombs to one place, causing the structure to not collapse. Garrett is badly injured.

They're trapped in the Lighthouse as all the exits are blocked. They save Garrett.

Daisy rescues Simmons and Deke from their cell, but Simmons doesn't remember her.

Against Sibyl's orders, Kora attacks them. Deke takes Simmons back to the Zephyr while Daisy holds off Kora.

Daisy gets back to the Zephyr.

Nathaniel knocks Kora out and locks her up.

Mack and Sousa make a missile made out of Chronicoms and blast the hangar door of the Chronicom ship open.

They escape.

Garrett teleports Coulson, May, and Yo-Yo out of the Lighthouse into the S.H.I.E.L.D. bar safehouse after intercepting a coder transmission from there.

A group of agents who also responded to the transmission are there, and one of them shoots Garrett in the head.

Some of them brought packages that they were instructed to bring.

The crew from the Zephyr arrive.

Simmons puts together a device with the contents of the packages. Enoch deposited them over the decades.

The device opens a secret room with a spot for the device. Simmons puts it in its place. She uses her wedding ring to activate it.

It teleports Fitz into the room.

Sibyl predicts that there is a one hundred percent chance this will be the last time the S.H.I.E.L.D. team is together.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Sousa: [kisses Daisy] Didn't know I was gonna do that.
Daisy: I'm glad you did.

Daisy: Kora.
Mack: How'd she get up here?
Daisy: I don't care. She's not gonna stop me from getting back Simmons.
Mack: And Deke.
Daisy: Sure.

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