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On this week's episode of Alcatraz...


E.B. Tiller messes up Cal Sweeney's cell. Cal thinks he stole his box, but Tiller wants to force Cal to give him a piece of his cut concerning his illegal item smuggling operation for the inmates.

Dr. Gupta (Dr. Lucy Banerjee in present time) wants to adjust the inmates behavior by removing any traumatic memories.

At Tiller's party, Cal tries to get his box back, but Tiller says he never took it.

Cal lost everything including his family when his house burned except for an empty tin box, which his protege had taken. His protege set him up so that way he could take over his job.

The Warden takes the protege down to a special door that uses 3 keys and shoves him inside.


Cal robs a bank but only steals the safety deposit boxes.

He wants to know why the necklace is important to the man who left in the safety deposit box and then kills him.

After Rebecca and Diego figure out which bank is next, it forces Cal to take the bank hostage.

Emerson decides to help Cal escape from the bank and sends Rebecca in to do it.

She gets him to dress up as a SWAT team member so when the real SWAT team enters, he can blend in and escape.

Rebecca discovers he stole something, a key just like the one that was taken in the Pilot episode.

Rebecca crashes her vehicle and captures Cal. Emerson takes the key and has his scientists run tests on it to discover what it opens.

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Alcatraz Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Rebecca: So, how do we get in that bank?
Diego: Wait? You agreed without a plan?

You can't care about anyone or anything. As soon as they see a soft spot they grab you by the soft hair.