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On this week's episode of Alcatraz...

Guy Hastings, a guard at Alcatraz, lives with his wife and daughter in a home on The Rock.

He is in charge of a group of brand new guards. One of them is Ray Archer, who spots inmate Tommy Madsen, but Thomas attacks him instead of embraces him.

E.B. Tiller believes that Archer is going to try and break Madsen out, but Hastings vouches for him.

Guy makes Ray prove his loyalty by beating up Tommy.


Guy Hastings returns and attacks a guard.

Rebecca and Diego travel to see Guy's daughter in hopes of learning more about him.

Guy seeks out Ray Archer hoping he would know the whereabouts of Tommy Madsen.

While trying to figure out where Guy took Ray, Rebecca discovers that Tommy and Ray were actually brothers.

Guy explains to Ray what happened to him. He says that he was told that he and the other guards were sick, contaminated, and couldn't leave. Then, it wasn't 1963 anymore.

Rebecca and Emerson Hauser capture Guy.

Emerson takes Guy to see his daughter.

Tommy shows up at Ray's bar but Ray threatens to kill him if he doesn't leave.

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Alcatraz Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Rebecca: You're writing a new book.
Diego: I am?
Rebecca: I'm your research assistant.
Diego: You are?

I promise I'll bring it back, scout's honor. And I was. A scout, I mean.