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On this week's episode of Alcatraz...


Lucy attempts to get Webb Porter to open up about his attempted drowning by his mother.

She uses music to help ease his tinnitus, caused by the attempted drowning.

Porter turns out to be a musical savant.


Porter continues to utilize music hoping to play for a large audience.

He captures women and uses their hair to string his violin bow before drowning them, echoing his own past.

Emerson and Rebecca capture him before he can attempt suicide.

Emerson makes Porter give up his blood, mixed with the colloidal silver, for Lucy. She wakes up.

Rebecca and Diego learn of the silver in the blood and through an old video discover that Lucy is also a '63.

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Alcatraz Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

You can teach an old dog a new trick, but it's still an old dog.

E.B. Tiller

We're never gonna really find out what's going on here are we?