Having New Doubts  - Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 8
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  • The FBI is looking for a man, Craig, who came bleeding into a building and is hiding.
  • Sidney tells everyoen again in front of "Keith" that he died and describes what happens when Keith fell through the ice
  • Keith says that what she said happened and he found another hole in the ice and got out and a car picked him up and that's how he went missing.
  • They talk about C identifying things.
  • Mike's mentor George comes in seeking help for the missing Craig.
  • They search Craig's apartment and find stacks nof cash and fake ID.
  • C is having a hard time trying to figure out who the bones belong to because of destroyed DNA evidence.
  • The Feds are trying to take over the case becuase they're saying that Craig murdered one of their agents.
  • They get an image of the skeletons and it looks like Keith. Jason is angry and goes to confront Keith.
  • C finds a match to the bones and it's too a Jonathan kid. The bones aren't a match to Keith.
  • C tries to remind them that it's not full proof but Jason already doubts and is angry.
  • Kemi and Mike go to an accomplice of Craig's where they've  pinged Craig's location.
  • Jason attacks Keith and Nikki has to pull him off.
  • They take Craig tot he hospital. He's an information for the FBI. He worked with her eclusively his handler whose dead. It's about corrupiion.
  • Kemi figures out that George is on things and he either is the assassin or he hired him.
  • Craig is gone and his protective detail is dead.
  • Jason is upset and beating himself up over secondguessing Keith.
  • Craig is abducted because he knows too much about Episilon.
  • Mike is the reason that Craig got taken because he told George the location.
  • Keith tells Sidney that it's not her fault and she hugs him. She's grateful
  • They trick George into thinking that they're delivering himt o people after hima nd he confesses to using Mike and betraying Craig. He also lied to Mike about his father the whole time. Mike busts out the van and storms in to confront George and holds a gun to his head.
  • They find Craig and Mike beats the crap out of the bad guy until Jason pulls him off.
  • Mike goes to look into his father's file and learns that his father really was innocent.
  • He confronts George about it.
  • Kemi holds a ceremony for forgiveness with the entire family .
  • Mike goes to see his father for the first time in years.


Alert: Missing Persons Unit
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Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

George: I raised you Mike. You know what kind of man I am.
Mike: You know the last thing I said to him was, "You're dead to me." Yeah, George. I know exactly what kind of man you are.

Keith wasn't kidnapped. He died because of me.