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It's Homecoming weekend, and Damon's mom comes up, and Damon awkwardly introduces Thea as his girlfriend.

Amara confronts Zeek about the merger. He swears it's the only way to save Bringston.

Thea runs into a tennis rival, Katia.

Damon is stressed about what to tell his mom. He checks on the coach, who is acting manic since it's the anniversary of the cheating scandal.

Keisha tried to tell Cam she still liked him but got nervous.

JR and Damon watched the tennis match. Simone found out she must play Jerika, who needs the scholarship.

Marcus fired his staff when he finds them talking to Ralf about an article.

Amara gets angry when Veronica wants to replace inspirational photos with app developers.

Damon tries to tell his mom about Seline and his dad, but she's in denial.

Ralph realizes Marcus was the cheating story leak and gets upset he got it all.

Marcus admits at a BBQ he was the leak. Damon and JR get him off the stage.

The coach disappears and the team is divided.

Thea finds her rackets wrecked and suspects Katia. Simone lends her hers.

Thea overhears Damon and Simone discussing missed opportunities and it throws her game off.

Damon and his mom talk again and affirm their relationship.

Simone didn't make the top six.

Everyone gathers at Amara's. They need money to save the school.

Marcus calls to say goodbye.





All American: Homecoming
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All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Simone: Thea, as your friend, I hate her.
Thea: That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. Thank you.

what's the point of saving Bringston if it's not Bringston anymore?