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A flashback shows a young Spencer at football practice being told his father isn't coming back. 

In the present, the team is holding a team building practice at the beach. He leaves early to go home. He's not adjusting to his new home quite yet. 

Coop decides she doesn't need a gang for protection. 

Asher gets hurt in practice and he's out for the game. Spencer offers to play both offense and defense. Billy is worried that he's burning himself too much already and not getting enough rest. 

Everyone gets ready for the party for the boosters, but Spencer doesn't have any nice clothes. Olivia offers to help him with one of her dad's suits. 

Leila tells Spencer that she's alone a lot. Her dad's always away on business and her mom died in a car accident. 

Asher's dad makes a scene at the party and reveals Jordan was the one who nearly got Spencer kicked off. Coach agrees to let Spencer play on both sides of the ball. 

Spencer confronts Shawn and tells him to leave his brother alone. Shawn punches him and Coop breaks it up. Coop tells him that she wants to protect him now. 

Spencer's side hurts him in the game and he struggles to play both sides. He fumbles and Billy takes him out. They lose the game.

Asher and Olivia hooked up once when Olivia was high and she lost her best friend, Laila over it, yet she and Asher are still together. 

Jordan and Spencer make up.

They return to the flashback of Spencer playing football as a kid, but this time we see Billy watching him from a distance. 

All American
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All American Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Billy: I am trying to protect you.
Spencer: I didn't come here to be protected. I came here to win.

I don't really remember much about my dad playing ball, but what I do remember is how he was after. Distant, no real purpose, until my mom heard Beverly needed a new coach. Then the light came back in his eyes. I'd just hate to see him lose it again, you know?