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The guys prepare for the combine and Billy introduces Spencer and Jordan to a friend of his who happens to be a college coach in LA. Spencer intends to keep his options open.

Willy tells Jordan he was only invited to the combine because of his dad. Jordan plans to prove him wrong. 

Asher was invited to the combine, but didn't RSVP. Olivia goes to check on him and finds him sleeping in his car. She convinces him to go to the combine. 

Spencer finds out his mom didn't go to college in order to save money for Spencer and Dillon's college. He's upset that she's giving up her dreams for him. 

The college coach invites players from Crenshaw to participate in the combine. He's feeling the competition from Cameron who is showing him up.

Spencer worries the one receiver scholarship from the local LA school will go to Cameron. Spencer wants to stay close to home so that his mom can finish school. Billy tells him to go out there and show them that he's the best player. 

Spencer proves he has the better hands when he catches his passes and Cameron drops several of his. 

Jordan is outplayed by Chris, but Jordan receives an invite to the scrimmage and Chris doesn't. Asher also receives an invite for the 7-on-7 game.

Billy is offered a job to coach at Angela Southern, the local school Spencer is also hoping to get into. They clearly want both of them. 

Grace is angry when Spencer tells her he plans to go to ASU. She wants him to aim higher, but he says it's his decision.

Spencer opens his invite for the 7-on-7 game and pulls out a wad of cash. He gives it to Billy who tries to give it back to his coach friend. The coach rescinds his offer to Billy and Spencer. 

Spencer intends to pretend to be injured for the 7-on-7 to save face, but Grace won't let him sit it out. 

Billy allows Asher back on the team. Olivia asks Layla to let him live in her house. 



All American
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All American Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Billy: Look, if Angela Southern is where you need to be, you need to go out there and show them what I already know.
Spencer: What's that?
Billy: That you're the best player out there. It ain't even close.

Grace: I don't want you betting everything on football. You're too gifted for that. What if you get injured and football goes away? So does your scholarships.
Spencer: Look, mom...
Grace: Your job is making something special out of everything I can give you, like you always do. Ok?