Sweaty - All American Season 1 Episode 3
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Coach Baker is extra hard on them at practice after their loss. Asher takes it out on Spencer. 

Coop's parents are going out of town for the weekend. 

Asher crosses the line at practice and Jordan comes to Spencer's defense. They all start fighting and Coach Baker tells them they better find a way to bond. Jordan suggests a team building day on Saturday, but Spencer goes home to Crenshaw. 

Spencer tells Coop his teammates don't accept him, but she points out that he hasn't accepted them either. 

Olivia and Laila work on an assignment together, and Asher crashes.

Jordan shows up at Spencer's house and invites himself to the cookout Spencer is having so he can get to know him better. 

Laila makes an effort to rekindle her friendship with Olivia, but Olivia pushes her away.

Jordan fits in well with Spencer's friends until they start arguing about football. Jordan and Spencer make a bet with the Crenshaw players. Jordan calls the rest of the Beverly Hills team to Crenshaw for a scrimmage. It gets broken up at a tie. 

Coop invites a girl back to her house. 

Jordan gets pulled over and the cops harass and arrest them. 

Jordan calls the team together for an early meeting, and they all finally bond. 

Patience spends the night at Coop's, but they just kiss and sleep. Her mom walks in and tells her she doesn't want her hanging around her. Coop tells her mom she's gay too. Her mom says she can't live in her house if she can't abide by her rules. Coop decides to leave. 

Billy talks to Jordan about dealing with the police. 

Olivia makes a gesture to earn Laia's forgiveness. 

Coop moves in with Spencer's mom. 

Jordan sees pictures at the barber of his dad with Spencer's mom. 





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All American Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

All I'm saying man is, physically, you're at Beverly, but in your heart, you're with a whole other team.


Coop: What time are you and dad heading to the retreat?
Mrs. Cooper: Why, you trying to have a house party or something?
Coop: I was at least going to give it an hour.
Mrs. Cooper: Don't you drink my good stuff.
Coop: Never.