Grilling - All American Season 1 Episode 13
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Midterms are coming up as well as playoffs. Spencer's teacher is unhappy with Spencer's essay and wants him to re-write it if he wants to play in the game. 

Coop questions why Tyronne hasn't given her Shawn's route. He wants her to prove she can handle it. 

Spencer and Jordan find old game tape of Spencer's dad on Billy's computer. Spencer didn't realize how great he was. 

Jordan invites Willie to the family bbq and he criticizes Billy's grilling. He also criticizes his choice to bench Jordan in the playoffs, saying Billy doesn't believe he can handle the pressure. 

Spencer finds out from Willie that his dad took a year off from college for his mom, giving up on his NFL dream. Spencer questions why he would give up his dream for his family and then walk out on his family. 

Grace catches the attention of her T.A, and there are clearly sparks flying. 

Willie tells Jordan that Billy needs to see a killer instinct. Jordan tells Billy he doesn't need him to protect him anymore. Billy needs to see that he is ready.

Spencer's dad shows up to the game. It throws him off his game and Jordan convinces Billy to put him in. Jordan comes through and wins the game. 

Spencer gets his essay back with an A+. 

Corey tells Grace that he won't tell Spencer the truth, but he wants to be in his life. 


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All American Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Spencer: All these years I've been playing ball, you ain't once said I reminded you of him.
Grace: First of all, you don't. Second, I didn't say anything because anytime someone mentions your dad, your head explodes.

Layla: Like father, like son.
Spencer: I wish people would stop saying that.
Layla: It just sounds like maybe you got some of that talent from him, not that he deserves credit or anything.