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Beverly High finally starts winning and the atmosphere around them changes. 

Asher reveals his dad is out of town over the weekend, and the team starts planning a party. Asher doesn't look like he's excited about the idea. 

Jordan covers Spencer when they go out with the team. Jordan tells his dad he's going over his allowance because of it. Billy tries to give Spencer an allowance, but he doesn't want it. Billy insists he takes it anyway. 

Layla invites Olivia to the party, but she's not ready to be around drugs and alcohol yet. Olivia convinces her to come and bring Spencer. 

Spencer decides to use the money from Billy to help buy his mom groceries. Coop wishes she could help out too now that she's living there. 

Olivia shows up at Spencer's house and invites him to Asher's party. 

Coop asks Shawn for a job so she can make some money. 

Asher pushes Spencer to bet his allowance in a poker game. 

Shawn gets Cooper a job at the barbershop cutting hair. She expected it would be something illegal. 

Spencer is dared by Layla to go skinny dipping in the hot tub with Olivia as part of losing at the poker game. 

Jordan interrupts Spencer and Olivia just as they were about to kiss. Jordan tells Olivia that he thinks Spencer is their brother. 

Spencer figures out that Asher doesn't have any money and he just puts up a front so one figures it out. Spencer helps him get the Porsche fixed after his friend wrecks it. 

Asher admits to Spencer that his family doesn't own the house. They used to be loaded, but he lost everything overnight. 

The car gets stolen and Coop offers to call Shawn to help find it. Spencer promises to keep Asher's secret but encourages him to tell Layla. 


All American
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All American Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Layla: Besides, I know you like him.
Olivia: No I don't.
Layla: Olivia, I see the way you look at him.
Olivia: Yeah, kinda like the way he looks at you?

Billy: What do you think?
Jordan: About what?
Billy: I'm holding up two ties.
Jordan: The solid one.
Billy: Nah, I think I'll go with the stripes.
Jordan: Glad I could help.