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Olivia and Spencer stage an intervention for Layla. Her father JP wants to have her get inpatient treatment for depression. She talks her way into outpatient treatment. Spencer learns that Corey has left town, and no one knows why. Layla is acting like nothing happened the next day. Darnell and Spencer get into a fight over Corey's leaving. Laura tells Billy the twins' party was cancelled because Jordan crashed Olivia's car. Rochelle's father Cliff gets Spencer off but Spencer has to go out to dinner with him and Rochelle. Layla begs off dinner with her father and organizes a surprise birthday party with JJ for the twins. JJ and friends abduct Olivia and Jordan for the party. Spencer brings along Billy to the dinner. Laura receives a photo of the twins partying. Spencer is sullen at dinner and storms off after Cliff outlines his vision for Beverly football. Simone tracks down Jordan. Layla blasts Olivia about the intervention. Then Olivia tells her that Corey left Spencer again. Rochelle talks with Spencer about fathers. He tells him that she'll handle Cliff. Layla oversees them talking then kisses Asher in front of Olivia. Asher gives Olivia a prepaid cell to replace hers that Laura took away. They almost kiss then Laura crashes the party. Coop reads Corey's letter to Spencer. Layla texted the photo to Laura. Layla tells Olivia not to ever speak to hear again. Jordan tells Billy that Simone is pregnant. Billy says they'll figure it out together. Billy moves back in. He tells Laura that Jordan got a girl pregnant. Layla's mom also suffered from depression. JP takes Layla for treatment. Asher and Olivia kiss. Spencer thinks that Corey left because Spencer just wanted to be his son, not his player, but Grace assures him that's not the case.

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Listen, honey. It's OK to hurt. But don't bottle it up.

Grace [to Spencer]

There's no one to blame for Corey leaving but Corey.

Spencer [to Dillon]