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Grace, Spencer, Dillon, and Darnell head to the cabin in the woods where she suspects Corey is hiding out. The Bakers undergo family counseling. Laura wants the family to move on after counseling, but with or without Billy remains up in the air. Grace wants to bring back Corey to Crenshaw to die. Laura blames Billy's cheating for the family's problems. There's still tension between Spencer and Darnell, then they sit and talk. Darnell recalls growing up with Corey as his father figure for Spencer. Darnell says Spencer has grown up like Corey even though Corey wasn't there. Spencer let his anger go at Corey. Grace and Corey, then Laura and Billy talk about the affair. The affair started on the night that Laura told Billy he should quit football and Corey had told Grace that he was staying away to coach. Grace and Billy ran into each other in Crenshaw and started talking back and each made the other feel needed. Olivia tells Jordan that he feels missing from her life ever since he started playing football. Jordan says he played football to bond with Billy. Olivia tells him that she feels she's losing him again to his new family with SImone. Corey, Spencer, Dillon, and Darnell play football, then they draft Grace to play as well. Inspired by the twins, Laura agrees to listen to Billy. He begs her for one more chance to make things right. Corey takes Spencer fishing. Billy gives Laura a binder in which he had collected every note that she had ever given him. They kiss. Corey gives Grace the deed to the cabin for Spencer and Dillon. She gives him a DNA test that shows Dillon is his son. Spencer discovers that Corey has died before he can return with them to Crenshaw. 

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Corey: What you all doing here?
Grace: We came to bring you home.

I'm here. That's all I have for right now.