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Dr. Fiskell tells Spencer his shoulder is back to normal. Billy tells the twins he's moving out. Darnell tells Spencer that South Crenshaw is being converted to a magnet school, with less focus on athletics. Simone thanks Jordan for talking to her mother and gives him a flash drive of his football highlights. Asher informs Olivia that his mother invited him to go on a  summer tour with her in the summer. J.P. backed out of his tour to stay with Layla. Asher's dad Harold brings in letters of support from boosters to kill the investigation but with strings attached. Spencer points out to Jordan that Simone is into him. Billy hands in his resignation to Athletic Director Hart at the team gala. Laura tears into Hart when he badmouths Billy. Layla urges Spencer to go to the "Save Crenshaw" rally. Asher invites Olivia to come with him and his mother. Jordan tells Simone he's in love with her and she kisses him. Superintendent Carter shows up at the rally and tells them the school board meeting has been moved up to the next day. Layla tells J.P. she's going to tour with him that summer, booking Coop into smaller venues in each city. Olivia tells Asher she can't go with him, so he can rebuild his relationship with Gwen. Spencer speaks at the school-board meeting. He tells them he's transferring back to South Crenshaw. He gets the school board to hold off converting the school for another year. He asks Billy to come coach at South Crenshaw. Tyrone's sister Mo visits Preach to threaten him. Olivia calls her sponsor Leslie but she gets voicemail. Spencer comes back to check on Olivia just as she was starting to drink. Spencer loses his grip and grabs his shoulder.

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Billy: My moving out is what's best for the family. Right, Laura?
Laura: Yeah, right.

J.P.: Normal's good?
Layla: Normal's great.