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Spencer and Coop stand in front of a Nipsey Hustle mural. Spencer tells Coop that he's planning to come back to South Crenshaw to play for his father Corey. Asher is pining over Olivia. Layla tells Olivia her father has returned after she trashed his condo. Grace is still unwillingly to discuss Dylan's paternity with Corey. Grace is angry because Corey hadn't told her about his offer to Spencer. Billy has been drinking since he moved in with his father. Layla introduces Spencer to Rochelle, a Beverly High booster. Spencer is commuting from Crenshaw rather than staying with the Bakers. Preach blames Coop for his being shot by Tyrone. Everyone thinks Billy is on vacation. Billy tells Spencer he resigned. Spencer tells Billy about Corey's offer. Grace tells Corey she doesn't know whose son Dylan is. Jordan says he didn't take Billy's resignation letter. Coop is being shunned for working with the police to bust Tyrone and the word "Snitch" is written on her locker. Olivia overhears her mother crying. Rochelle warns Spencer that the school is going to check to make sure he is living at the Baker house, because if he isn't, the state championship could be rescinded. Spencer attends a memorial for Nipsey Hussle, when he learns about the threats to Coop. Olivia took the resignation letter and emailed the principal about extra vacation. Grace goes to see Laura. Some boys threaten Coop but Preach makes them back off. Billy and Corey drink club soda at a bar. Grace goes to see Spencer and invites him to move back in with them. Layla is living by herself in a motel room. Corey tells Grace she doesn't need to take a paternity test. Spencer moves back in with the Bakers. Corey picks up someone at the bus station.

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

And you'd better be able to walk because ain't no one dragging your ass to the car.

Grace [to Billy]

Spencer: What's next? You done with that gang stuff, right?
Coop: They're still my boys. I ain't gonna stop hanging with them.