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Layla comes to see Spencer to see how he is doing. She suggests that he find distractions to push away the pain. Coop didn't tell Patience about JP's interest in Patience. Billy gives Jordan a pocket watch that's a family heirloom. Spencer is the 57th-ranked high-school football player in the nation. Gwen meets with Olivia but she can't open up. Jordan shows Simone the nursery he helped to set up. Olivia encourages Asher to talk to Gwen. Simone tells Jordan the baby isn't his. Layla tells Spencer that she is researching her mother's death to found out if she killed herself. Jordan tells Olivia about Simone and the baby. Darnell is transferring to Germany, to be closer to his mother. Patience confronts Coop about JP's interest and Coop handles it badly. Coop's mixtape-release party has attracted a crowd. Asher invites both Gwen and Harold to dinner so he can get information from them. Laura gives Billy separation papers. Spencer tries to get Darnell to stay. Coop invites Patience to come perform with her. Layla decides to recreate her mother's crash but stops in time. She calls Spencer and admits she needs help. Gwen admits that Harold made her promise to stay away from Asher or he would reveal to Asher that she used to be an escort. Beverly High holds a ring ceremony for the football team. Then Spencer cleans out his locker. The James family invites Darnell, who is #164 in the country, to live with them. Layla checks into treatment. Jordan lets Simone know that he's going to be there for the baby. Asher tells Olivia that he wants to be more than friends and they kiss. Spencer lets Corey know that he's done with football. Spencer leaves his ring on Corey's grave. Tyrone finds Coop.

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Jordan: How am I supposed to do this, Dad?
Billy: You'll figure it out.

Layla: You're going to be OK, Spencer.
Spencer: When?
Layla: Eventually.