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Spencer is eager to get back to football, but his doctor tells him only time will tell if he can get back to where he was before the shooting. Billy takes Asher out of practice because he's aggravating his teammates. Billy won't let Spencer come back until he's cleared to play. Coop goes to visit Preach in prison. Darnell invites Spencer to come on his football visit to UCLA. Olivia can't sleep and sits up thinking. Spencer invites Jordan to come with him to UCLA. Layla invites Coop to collaborate with her. Gwen confronts Asher about his sudden improvement. Darnell's mother Renee wants to move him overseas but he walks off on her. Then Grace tries to talk her down. Spencer is ready to commit after one visit and tries to convince Darnell to do the same. Patience is recording when Coop visits J.P.'s studio. Darnell commits to UCLA. Coop stops by Spencer's restaurant. Spencer tells Coop his getting shot wasn't her fault. Spencer tells Coop not to take her greatness for granted. JJ gets them into a frat party. Spencer pushes Asher about using steroids. Patience tracks down Coop and says she wants to be friends. An obnoxious Asher gets the Beverly crew tossed out of the party. Darnell is late getting home so Renee plans to take him back to Germany. Olivia confronts Asher. Spencer takes Darnell to the site of the shooting. UCLA is holding off on its commitment to Spencer until he heals. Darnell and Spencer tell Renee and Grace about what happened at UCLA. Coop goes to see Layla with her basic recording equipment and they agree to collaborate. Renee agrees to let Darnell stay at Crenshaw. Gwen tells Olivia her steroid concern about Asher. Renee is worried Spencer is pushing himself too hard.

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Coop: I'm the reason [Spencer] got shot.
Preach: That's not on you. That's all on Tyrone.

Olivia: Well, at least you seem happy.
Greta: I'm just going to figure out what's next for me.