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Spencer tells Olivia that his father wants him to play at South Crenshaw. Olivia says that she and Chris broke up so he can focus on rehab. Asher confronts Jordan and JJ about skipping practice. Spencer is concerned Layla skipped class. Layla told him later she was with her dad. Patience tells Coop she likes her music. Olivia confronts Jordan about the bimbo he was with that morning. Corey has Darnell as his new quarterback and his teammates are abandoning Chris. Patience and Spencer get on Coop about not standing up for herself. Olivia lets slip to Layla that Spencer's father wants him to move back to Crenshaw. Grace tells Billy his resigning as coach would be a mistake. Jordan and JJ get into a fight with a patron at the restaurant. Laura has to pick them up after the policeman doesn't press charges. Billy shows up after seeing the arrest live streamed. Coop's mother is happy she's back into her music. But she doesn't want Patience coming over when her church group is there. Layla gets angry about Spencer about not telling her about his possible move. Spencer goes to see Corey about Darnell, who is his ex-girlfriend's son who is now living with him. Jordan tells the team Billy quit as coach. The principal asks Layla about her recent absences. Beverly loses a 7-on-7 game to Encino with Billy in the stands. Billy comes back as coach, instituting two-a-day practices. Laura grounds Jordan and takes his keys away. Spencer tells Grace about Darnell. Corey arrives and tries to explain but Grace sends him away. Patience's voicemail inspires Coop to write her lyrics. Billy calls in Jordan to explain. Coop plays her song for her mother, who says she'll try harder. Layla admits to Spencer her father isn't home. 

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Olivia: Hey, does she look like ...
Spencer: Your mom. Yeah,

Olivia: Ever since Dad moved out, [Laura]'s been trying way too hard to make our lives seem normal.
Spencer: Ain't nothing normal about this.