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Coach Billy breaks it to the team that he's been suspended. Asher offers to tell the principal that the steroids were his, but Billy won't let him. A UCLA coach stops by to see Spencer and urges him to show what he can do at the football Jamboree, even though he hasn't been medically cleared. Layla offers to hold the Jamboree party at her house. Coop writes a song for Patience. Olivia tells Jordan to stop stalking Simone, but he follows Simone to the motel where she is staying. Olivia and Asher feel guilty about Billy's suspension. Olivia tells Asher they need to take a break. J.P. lets Layla have the Jamboree party but he stays to supervise. Darnell encourages Spencer to go around Billy. Jordan confront's Dane, Simone's baby daddy. Coop and Patience, dressed as Kid 'n Play, perform at Layla's party. J.P. tells Coop that she's a star and wants to sign her but she asks for time to think about it. A.D. Hart clears Spencer to play. Layla encourages Coop to sign with J.P. Billy gets into it with Asher's dad Harold for putting pressure on Asher. Jordan causes a brawl with Westlake at the Jamboree. It causes Dane to take responsibility for Simone's baby. Olivia explains to Jordan that Simone likes him but he needs to back off. Asher tells the team that Billy covered for him because he was using steroids. He confesses to the principal and gets suspended. Billy is coach again and gives Spencer a brace for his shoulder. Patience also encourages Coop to sign with J.P. Asher and Harold have a heart-to-heart conversation. Spencer wins the championship over Westlake catching a deep pass. Coop asks Layla to be her producer. Jordan talks to Simone's mother about helping her. The football program is being investigated. 

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

I thought goat stood for "Greatest of all Time."


I know recovery is hard work so just promise me you'll keep it up.

Billy [to Asher]