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Tyrone is back in Crenshaw and brings his crew to Flip's barbecue. Layla and Coop collaborates on a recording. Coach Baker leads the team in a celebration dance. Spencer watches the team celebrate without him because he's still waiting to be cleared by the doctor. Preach, who got beaten up in prison, warns Coop that Tyrone is back. Olivia asks him if he's using steroids. Asher says he will stop for her. Spencer gets cleared for football. Both Billy and Grace want Spencer to take it slow. Coop asks Layla if she can stay with her until Coop's parents get back in town. Jordan offers to go with Simone when she tells her parents that she's pregnant. After talking with J.P., Coop leaves to deal with Tyrone. Coop warns Patience and retrieves a gun she had hidden at Patience's house. Layla tells Spencer about Tyrone and he goes to check on Coop. Simone's parents tell her she's not keeping the baby. Spencer passes Billy's football test and can play in the next day's game. Spencer's worried about playing for the recruiter for Coastal California in the crowd. Spencer leaps for a pass, lands on his arm, and briefly loses feeling in it. Tyrone is shot and killed. Laura speaks out about sexism in politics. Spencer apologizes to the team for playing when he was less than 100 percent. His teammates tell him they will help them get back onto the field. The Coastal California rep invites Asher for a visit. Asher almost blacks out afterward. Billy suggests Spencer may have to switch positions. Laura wins her election. Simone moves in with the Bakers. Coop tells Patience she didn't kill Tyrone. The cops arrest Coop. Olivia informs Billy about Asher using steroids. Patience dumps Coop's gun in the river.

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

You lay low, Coop. Ya hear me?

Preach [to Coop]

We keep this up, we're all going to do big things this season.